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Client remote IT support

Complete the instructions below so we can login to your pc or notebook for setup requests

  • 1.

    Enter the code we supply to you into the box

    (click where it displays 000-000-000 to enter the code)
  • 2.

    Tap on the Join button

  • 3.
    Download the small application
  • 4.
    Double click the downloaded app
    -you’ll find it in your download folder called computancy-***** (random numbers)
  • 5.
    Once connected we will resolve the problem
    – you can click ‘Stop’ to cancel the session at any time
  • 6.
    Once finished we will terminate the session
    – the downloaded app will be automatically stopped & deleted from your system
  • 7.

    For another session, a new code and download is required to start over again

    – this is for your security, ensuring that the original session cannot be reused