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Optimise Your WordPress Site Performance & Security

WordPress Audit Services: Unlock Your Website’s Full Potential with Our Technical Audits

Optimising Your Current WordPress Website

Improve Your Website’s Health & Efficiency

Unlock your WordPress site’s true potential with our expert audit services, designed to enhance performance, fortify security, and elevate SEO visibility.

Our in-depth analysis covers everything from technical health to security risks and SEO opportunities. You’ll receive a detailed report packed with clear, actionable advice, guiding you on how to improve your site on your own.

Prefer professional assistance? We’re ready to provide a bespoke quote for implementing these improvements. Experience more than just a routine check-up; embark on a journey towards a robust, efficient, and highly visible online presence.

Wordpress Website Working Check & Security Audit
Ensuring WordPress Site Health & Security

Website Working Check & Security Audit

Is your WordPress site performing optimally and securely? Our comprehensive audit service investigates your website, identifying vulnerabilities and providing actionable insights. We focus on technical SEO, website security, plugin and theme health, and more.

Our service includes checking for outdated themes and plugins, potential security breaches, and general site health. We’ll also evaluate your site’s compliance with the latest web standards and regulations.

Receive a detailed report with our findings and recommendations. This audit doesn’t just highlight issues; it offers a pathway to enhance your site’s performance and security, ensuring a robust online presence.

Technical Scrutiny for WordPress Efficiency

Technical & Licensing Audit

Conducting a thorough ‘under-the-hood’ check of your WordPress site, we assess technical configurations, plugin and theme licensing, and ensure everything is up-to-date. Our audit encompasses security scans, contact form testing, and a backup review, culminating in a comprehensive report.

We delve into the nuances of your site’s technical setup, scrutinising every aspect to uncover any inefficiencies or issues that could hinder performance. This includes examining website coding and structure for any latent problems.

Our findings are meticulously documented, providing you with a clear understanding of your site’s technical health and steps for improvement. The goal is to ensure your site’s foundation is as strong as it can be.

Wordpress UK Audit Google Analytics and Search Console is connected to your website
Maximising WordPress Site Potential

Google Integration & SEO Audit

Optimise your site’s integration with Google Analytics and Search Console. Our SEO analysis confirms your site’s alignment with best practices, enhancing online visibility. We also evaluate speed, database performance, and backup systems, providing a detailed report and improvement recommendations.

Our audit also looks at how well your site is utilising SEO opportunities. We’ll assess keyword usage, content relevance, and overall site structure, ensuring it’s geared towards achieving the best possible search rankings.

Our thorough approach helps you understand how well your site is performing in the digital landscape, giving you an edge in online competition. The report you receive is not just informative; it’s a roadmap for SEO success.

Detailed WordPress Site Evaluation

Audit Process & Consultation

Begin the transformation of your WordPress site with our audit package. We provide a secure process for exchanging details, followed by an in-depth report highlighting audited elements and recommendations. Conclude with a 30-minute consultation to discuss findings and potential solutions.

The consultation is a crucial part of our service. It’s an opportunity for you to understand the nuances of your website’s performance and discuss the practical steps you can take to rectify any issues identified in the audit.

This comprehensive approach ensures not only the identification of areas for improvement but also equips you with the knowledge and strategies to enhance your site’s effectiveness. Our aim is to empower you with insights that enable informed decision-making about your website’s future.

WordPress website audit faq’s

What does a WordPress performance audit entail?

An audit involves a thorough review of your site’s structure, software, speed, security, user experience, and SEO performance to identify areas for improvement.

Why is a WordPress audit important for my site?

Regular audits ensure your site functions optimally, is secure, and achieves the best possible online results, enhancing your digital presence and effectiveness.

How often should I audit my WordPress site?

It’s recommended to conduct audits periodically, at least once every six months, to keep up with the latest updates and security standards.

Can a performance audit improve my site’s SEO?

Yes, audits can significantly improve SEO by identifying and rectifying issues that affect your site’s ranking and visibility in search engines.

What is included in a security check during the audit?

The security check involves scanning for malware, vulnerabilities, and ensuring your site is safeguarded against potential hacking and breaches.

What does your comprehensive report include?
Our report details all findings from the audit, including performance, security, and SEO insights, along with actionable recommendations for improvements
Can I implement the audit recommendations myself?
Absolutely! Our report is designed to guide you through making improvements yourself. However, we can also provide a bespoke quote if you prefer professional assistance
How long does a typical WordPress audit take?
The duration varies depending on your site’s complexity, and how many other projcts we have ongoing, but we aim to complete audits promptly, and will be fully reanparenr with the timescale.
Will the audit affect my website’s uptime?
Our audit process is designed to be totaly non-intrusive, typically not affecting your website’s uptime or any user experience. In the case that your site is on a very slow server we will run soak tests overnight so not to slow your site further.
Is there a follow-up process after the audit?
Yes, we offer a 30-minute Zoom consultation to discuss the report and any questions you may have. This is actually an important part of the process as you’ll be speaking to the person who has completed the test and knows your website report personally.
How does a performance audit address site speed?

The audit assesses load times and suggests ways to enhance speed, a key factor for user experience and SEO.

What are core web vitals, and why are they important?

Core web vitals are a set of specific factors that Google considers important for a webpage’s overall user experience, including loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability.

How can an audit improve user experience and accessibility?

Audits assess how users interact with your site and ensure compliance with UK accessibility laws, enhancing overall user engagement and satisfaction.

What role does content play in a WordPress audit?

Content audits focus on SEO optimisation, consistency, and ensuring your content strategy aligns with your digital marketing goals.

Will the audit include an assessment of plugins and themes?

Yes, the audit evaluates your plugins and themes, ensuring they are up-to-date, secure, and not adversely impacting your site’s performance.

How does the audit benefit my website in the long term?
Our audit identifies areas for long-term improvements, ensuring your website remains robust, efficient, and SEO-friendly in the evolving digital landscape.
Do you offer ongoing support after the audit?
Yes, we offer ongoing support and can assist with implementing any of the recommended changes. We compile your report as a ‘neutral bystander’ and intentionally don’t offer our services directly to fix the problems identified. This gives you the option to shop around to find the best quote to fix your issues, although obviously we hope you’ll give us the chance to tender!
Can the audit help with compliance issues?
Yes, part of our audit includes checking your website complies with the latest web standards and UK accessibility laws. Whilst this will be of a benefit to most website owners, if this compliance is mission critical or legally imperative, you will need to get written confirmation from a specialist in your field. We can only offer ‘general’ advice for the UK.
Does the audit cover mobile performance and responsiveness?
Yes, our audit thoroughly assesses mobile performance and responsiveness, vital for user experience and SEO.
What sets your WordPress audit service apart from others?
Our service is comprehensive, covering every aspect of your site, from technical details to user experience. We offer detailed, actionable insights and personal consultation, tailored to your specific website.
WordPress Website Audit FAQs

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