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UK WordPress Website Design & Development

Hand-Crafted Web Design – Tailored to Your Business

Tailor-Made UK Web Design To Promote Your Business

Engaging, Affordable WordPress Websites

An attractive, well-designed website is more than just a practical business tool; it’s your digital introduction to clients, playing a pivotal role in your online trade, advertising, and communication.

Whether you’re a sole trader, start-up, or a small to medium-sized business, we have the expertise to craft a unique WordPress website to help you advertise and generate trade 24/7/365.

Computancy build affordable UK WordPress websites, host and maintain them

A Well-Designed Website Creates a Positive Perception of Your Business

Your Website is Your Shop Window…

Your website is the initial point of contact and key in building your business, brand, and reputation. It should be your ultimate salesperson, operating non-stop, converting visitors into prospects, and delivering key information.

A well-designed website from Computancy will serve as a powerful tool for establishing trust, credibility, and conveying the essence of your business.

In today’s digital-first world, a modern, responsive website is no longer a luxury, but an essential requirement. Your website should be accessible across all devices, ensuring that your audience can seamlessly discover and interact with your brand, no matter where they are.

Expert WordPress website maintenance and support packages in the UK

A Flexible, User-Friendly CMS Tailored to Your Business Needs

Why WordPress is Good for Your Business

At the heart of our UK business website designs is the WordPress CMS, a platform that gives you the freedom to manage and update your site effortlessly from anywhere yourself.

WordPress’ intuitive interface and vast array of plugins enable us to tailor your website precisely to your specific needs, seamlessly integrating with your workflow and allowing you to maintain control over your online presence.

Our commitment to both WordPress and WooCommerce is rooted in their adaptability for both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customer (B2C) websites.

UK fast WordPress hosting with daily backups and comprehensive security monitoring

Clean, Elegant, and Functional Websites for Business Success

Why Computancy UK wordpress website design and development?

We develop WordPress websites for you: not us. Every site is designed to suit your business, promote your brand, highlight your USP, and connect with your target market.

From start to finish, our process is designed to understand you, your business, your client base, and your goals. We aim to deliver a website that is not only beautiful but also functional, and on-time and on-budget.

We have worked alongside many small and medium-sized businesses over the last 20+ years, and as a small business ourselves, we understand your pain points and goals. We appreciate that your budget may be tight, which is why we offer a fixed price quotation that, unless the scope changes drastically, we adhere to.

Expert WordPress website maintenance and support packages in the UK

Unsure of Your Needs? We’re Here to Guide You.

Exploring WordPress Website Options?

Computancy has built a wide variety of websites for numerous clients over the last 20+ years. Some are quirky; most are serious. We strive to provide good, honest advice, as the success of your business directly benefits ours too. We’re also fortunate that many of our clients have been with us for several years, some from the very beginning.

We don’t list testimonials, preferring genuine interactions over fabricated praise. If you’re considering working with us, we’re happy to provide contacts for our clients for direct feedback.

All images on our site are from websites we’ve built. We can also share links to other live sites on request. There are plenty, although much of our work is white label and, as such, can’t be showcased. Whatever business website you need, get in touch, and we’ll be ready to help – our advice is always free.

Our 6-Point WordPress Website Design and Development Process: From Concept to Continuous Care

WordPress Website Design FAQs

How much does a WordPress website cost?

The cost of a website varies depending on several factors, but a primary one is the time it’ll take to complete. If your site is very large or complex, or if you have many images that need optimising and arranging, or you need a lot of text content writing, it will be more expensive than a simpler site or one where you already have all the content ‘ready to go’.

Ball-park figures are: Single page ‘Landing Pages’ start around £500. Bespoke designs start at £1500, dynamic data sites with many unique custom post types will be over £5k going up to around £7 or 8k for large, complex e-commerce sites with many products to add and configure.

We will provide you with a written, costed quote describing the scope of work agreed. If the scope of work changes significantly, then additional costs may be incurred, but these will be agreed in writing before the work is undertaken.

How long will my website take to design & build?

The timescale depends on many factors, such as our current workload, the need to review and alter page designs, and other unforeseen factors.

As a rule, if you have a clear idea of what you want and can provide all the relevant text page ready and images optimised, we can normally have your website published within 2 weeks.

Even complex sites can be completed within 4 weeks – if you have all the relevant information ready. The biggest delay in all our sites is always getting the last images or content from the Client…

Simple one-page designs can normally be completed in 1 week from receipt of all your information.

Timescales will be discussed when we discuss your design.

Which Page Builders Do You Use?

Currently, we use anything but Gutenberg or blocks. Our go-to is Elementor, although Bricks Builder is set to surpass it soon. Historically, we’ve used YooTheme, which is pretty good if Client’s want to update their own pages as it’s no-where near as complex as Elementor to get results. Gutenberg is the work of the Devil.

Who pays for the licences for web builders & themes?

The cost for licensing the software, whether it’s Bricks, Elementor, Yootheme, or another platform, is included in your site’s build price. This covers access to updates for 12 months following the completion of your site.

After this period, you have the option to renew the licence for an additional 12 months at the developer’s cost plus a 10% handling fee. It’s important to note that while your site will continue to function without renewal, you will not be able to update it. The developer will block the licence, potentially leaving your site vulnerable to security risks.

For clients enrolled in our maintenance packages, we include the licence cost for as long as we continue to use that software. Should we decide to cancel our Agency Licence, you will have the option to licence the software yourself, or we will propose an alternative solution to ensure your site remains updated and secure.

This is my first website – can you walk me through the process?

Absolutely! Everyone has to start somewhere, and we’re here to guide you through the process without using jargon.

If there’s anything you don’t understand, please feel free to ask. Remember, there are no ‘stupid questions’ – only ‘questions’.

Will you use plugins on my site?

Almost certainly. WordPress can be extended to accomplish most tasks without reinventing the wheel. It’s highly unlikely that an off-the-shelf plugin will accomplish everything you require, but we can usually adapt and tweak them to meet most needs with a bit of give and take each way.

Unless you’re prepared to pay for a developer to build a system exactly for your needs, and then return to them for each necessary tweak, using and adapting existing plugins is the best route to take.

Who pays for the plugins and their licence renewal?

The cost of any specialist plugins requested as part of your site build will be included in the initial quote as separate line items. We charge the developer’s cost plus a 10% handling fee. These licenses are normally valid for 12 months, after which you will have the opportunity to renew the license directly with the developer, ensuring your site remains updated and secure.

For clients enrolled in our maintenance programs, we will notify you when the license is due for renewal and invoice you the developer’s renewal price plus a 10% handling fee in advance. This arrangement allows you the opportunity to cover the cost of the license renewal, after which we will purchase the plugin on your behalf and ensure it is kept up to date.

An added benefit of our long-term maintenance contracts includes access to certain plugins for which we hold Lifetime Licences; for these, you will incur no charge. Similarly, for plugins covered under our agency license, there will be no charge as long as we continue to support that particular plugin.

It’s worth noting that sometimes plugin developers may discontinue their services. If we need to source an alternative plugin to maintain the functionality you rely on, there may be an additional cost involved.

What if a plugin that I use is no longer available?

Unless the plugin we’ve sourced for you is extremely specialised, there is usually another one that can fulfil the same function. Whether it will cost the same, work in exactly the same way, or have the same appearance is uncertain, but that’s a bridge we can cross if we come to it.

The advantage of working within the WordPress ecosystem is the vast array of resources available to meet your needs.

Does someone take ownership of my project?

Yes, you’ll have one point of contact throughout the entire process – from design to publication and beyond. As a small family business, we don’t have a large team, so you’ll always be sure to get the ‘organ grinder’.

We believe strongly in building relationships with our clients, many of whom are small businesses like ourselves. So, you can expect replies to your phone calls or emails from the person you always deal with, often ‘out of hours’, because we know that’s when many of you have time to contact us. Building your business is not usually a 9 to 5 endeavour!

Do I need all my content ready & prepared first?

No, although having a clear idea is super beneficial!

We can get started by using placeholder content – known as ‘Lorem Ipsum’ or fake Latin – while you finish your content. This gives you guidance on the layout of text and content that would look best on your website.

If you don’t have content – perhaps you are a new business – we can source stock content for you. These are usually not free as you’ll need to license them, but they are not too expensive, and we’ll agree on which ones to buy on your behalf before we do.

Will my website be SEO friendly?

Yes. All our websites are created with search engines in mind, and the website design is compliant with SEO best practice techniques.

Full SEO for every page is time-consuming and ongoing. If you want in-depth Search Engine Optimisation, we offer several packages to ensure your website is found by all the search engines.

Do You Redesign Existing Websites?

Yes, we do, but we’ll need to audit the current site first.

If it’s an older plain HTML that needs converting to a WordPress site, no problem. If it’s currently Elementor and needs a new look, no problem. However, redesigning a website built with an older WordPress page builder, like the dreadful WPBakery, can take even longer than creating a new site. This is because all the text and images you will need is merged with a myriad of HTML page code, making it very difficult and time-consuming to extract.

If you can copy the text into a text document yourself beforehand, it will save you a lot of money – but be warned, it’s a tedious task.

Can you maintain & host my website?

Yes – and this is one of our most popular services!

Not all businesses have the time to update their website, and for that reason, we offer website maintenance packages that include security measures and hosting if required, so everything is all in one place.

Find out more here.

Will I be happy with my new website?

Yes, we’ll make sure of it. We will work closely with you to ensure that your website is designed just the way you want it.

You’ll be given the opportunity to review your site throughout the design process to ensure that you agree with everything that happens and are involved in the process.

It’ll be your site – not ours, so we want it to suit you – not us!

Will I own the website & copyright?

Yes, you own the website after full payment is received.

You own the copyright to the site except for any proprietary or Open Source software. Likewise, with stock images; for any we supply, you will be licensed to use them, but you won’t own the copyright.

Should you wish to move to another web host in the future, you are free to take everything – we can package your complete site and database as a zip file for your new host to extract and install on their server. However, these days most will install a plugin for this task so that they can extract the site and database in one go. Alternatively, they may use SSH, or if they are very old-fashioned, they can use FTP. All options are available, and you are not locked in.

I’ve no images – can I just grab photos from the internet?

No. You’ll risk incurring a large bill, as there are plenty of lawyers, normally all emplyed by Getty Images, who specialise in identifying unlicensed image use and then billing the site owner – you – for unlawful use.

If we use free or stock images, you’ll be provided with receipts to show their licensing source in case of future queries. We only use reputable stock image companies for photo licences, so issues are unlikely.

You indemnify us against the risk of prosecution when you sign the web build contract, confirming that any images you supply are your own, or you have permission from the owner.

So, please ensure you know the origin of any photos you provide – otherwise, it could cost you far more than the website build cost!

Are your designs pre-made templates?

Nope! We use WordPress and then employ a commercial frontend framework such as our current favourites, Elementor or Bricks, to build your design from scratch.

Certainly, many plugins we install are reused across different sites, as they are the best methods on the market for specific tasks – but they’ll still be tweaked and changed to integrate with your unique site look.

Do your designs work on mobile devices?

Yes. We believe our solutions are some of the best you’ll find. Many of our clients see a significant portion of their traffic from mobile devices.

We place a high emphasis on ensuring that the website experience on a phone is second-to-none.

How many design revisions do you allow for?

We try not to set hard and fast rules – we want you to be happy with your design! All we ask is that you provide us with a comprehensive list of changes each time to make the process quick and smooth.

Revisions only become an issue if we’re going in circles. If this happens, we’ll collaborate with you to find ways to get the project back on track.

How long has Computancy been building websites?

Since 2002. Originally with standard HTML ‘flat file’ websites, then with Mambo, which became Joomla, Magento, and now only WordPress & WooCommerce.

I’ve received quotes much dearer than yours; what’s the catch?

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll find quotes ranging from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds.

Our websites are designed to offer the best balance of features and price for small and medium businesses. We’re able to keep our prices down by having low overheads and streamlined processes.

Websites are designed and built in-house or in conjunction with our network of freelance designers. We don’t have large offices, and as clients are rarely local, we don’t offer site visits. Everything is arranged via phone, email, Zoom, or Teams, and these cost savings are passed onto you.

We believe our websites are as good as those from larger agencies – at a far more competitive cost.

Do you accept all clients?

No, we occasionally turn potential clients away. This usually happens when a client’s requirements significantly exceed their budget.

We are committed to taking on projects only if we are confident they can be completed successfully, on time, and to our client’s full satisfaction.

WordPress website design faq’s

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