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Engaging and affordable website designs that help you to build your online business...

Engaging and affordable website designs that help you to build your online business...

A modern, responsive website has become such an important component of all successful small businesses, that your customers now simply assume you have one!

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They will also expect to view your site on all their latest technology - iPad, iPhone, Tablet or Smartphone - as well as their PC or notepad.

To instantly find out about your business, products and services - and compare you to your competitors - is crucial, so how your business is represented on-line is probably even more important than you realise. A well designed website will create a positive perception of your business, and for a small businesses is a great way of instilling confidence by looking bigger than you actually are.

Below are a few common questions we are often asked. Please look through and contact us if you require any further details - or advice.

  • web site design

    Historically, we designed web sites in the static brochure style as this was cheaper and used less server power. The downside was you needed to contact us each time you needed your site needed updating and when you wanted to change the look or layout the whole site needed to be re-designed, with all the associated costs.

    Today, nearly all the sites we build are Content Management System - CMS - sites. Whilst the initial outlay may be slightly higher, this is offset by the benefit that you can log-on to your site from any net connected computer in the world and update your site content instantly - you don't need to pay us to do it, unless you want to! If you can use MS Word you will find it easy.

    When you want to change the look or layout we can quickly change the theme as the whole site does not need re-designing, making it much cheaper. CMS is the modern solution for website design - many earlier clients are updating their sites to CMS giving them the control they now require. 

    With the exponential growth of iPhones, iPads, smart phones and tablets your clients expect to see your site on the move - not just on their PC or notebook. All our new sites are now built on a responsive framework that will automatically scale the view allowing it to be seen on all mediums.

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  • what is a CMS website?

    A CMS or Content Management System is a server-based software package that enables you to manage, update and maintain your website without any specific technical knowledge and without incurring additional cost.

    With CMS you can update your website instantly from a web connected pc or notebook anywhere in the world. Make corrections and changes quickly and easily, add text, or insert pictures etc as you have 24/7 access to your site admin via a username & password. Making corrections, adding copy or files is fast and easy with a completely browser based, online WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editing software.

    If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use our online CMS and if you have the skills, you can switch to code mode, which allows you to directly edit your html code from your browser.

    The long-term flexibility and upgradeability of the site is far better than a standard html site, giving bigger savings in the long run and making the initial outlay worth the extra investment.

    If you need to keep your customers constantly updated with new and relevant information and don’t want to incur the cost, or wait for someone else to update your site for you, a content management system from Computancy is the ideal, cost effective solution for you!

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  • how does it work?

    The main component used to power many of our websites is the world famous Joomla! CMS. This software is constantly evolved by a worldwide base of developers and this enables the core software to be freely available to everyone to integrate into their sites.

    The best analogy for Joomla! is that it is like the engine of a custom built car. You can use that engine with its original chassis and bodywork and have a vehicle similar to many, many other people. Or you can add a new chassis and build custom bodywork making your car unique - to suit the exact purpose or look that you required; that is what we do.

    To continue this analogy, on top of the Joomla! engine we use a  chassis or framework - typically zenframework, warp framework, t3 framework or xtc framework or the fabulous Twitter Bootstrap Framework. Built onto these frameworks is the body, or theme. This is what makes your site look unique.

    The beauty of this design is that once you want a complete change the look of your site, only the theme needs to be re-designed - everything else is held in a database and integrates with the new look. 

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  • what are the benefits?

    A CMS website from Computancy allows you to manage your own websites via a user-friendly on-line admin section, without having to pay every time you wish to update your pages. In the long term, there can be substantial savings to be made.

    Additionally, changes can be executed immediately. Short term and long term cost savings as website editors only need basic content editing skills and changes to the whole of the site can be made at the click of a button.

    • Your company image is maintained due to predefined styles being used throughout. This means you won’t have purple flashing text on your site to damage your company image!
    • Complete, flexible control - make the changes to your site when you need to, and as frequently as you desire using a secure web based administration that can be accessed from any internet-enabled computer.
    • Increased customer loyalty and retention - an up-to-date, interactive site will attract more repeat visits and encourage more input from your customer base.
    • Reduced start-up costs - we offer the option of a fully managed service with no software license purchasing required, thus reducing the initial costs. Should you decide to leave us, all site content and design can be easily exported to disk as a mysql dump, so no data should be lost

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  • how much will it cost me?

    It is difficult to give an 'average' price for website design as their are so many variables. What we do is listen to your brief and then offer you what we believe to be the most cost effective solution for your business requirements

    In all cases we will give you a written quote with no hidden extras. As long as there are no major changes to the agreed design you know exactly what the finished price will be. This is a one-off payment, and the site design and content remains your copyright.

    Managed hosting of your site and business email facilities are currently £160 per annum and if you require an annual SSL certificate for an e-commerce site this will be charged at cost at the time of purchase.

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